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Регистрация: 10 мар 2023
Offline Активность: 14 мар 2023 23:11


12 Март 2023 - 00:25

Ваш Игровой Ник,ник на который был поставлен бан:: kodas

Сервер, на котором Вас забанили:: Frallion HNS-blocks

Ник администратора,который вас забанил:: anti-cheat
Hello, as u allready know i got banned from anti cheat for jwj, i don't know how i could get banned, when i was playing with game guard in kz-rush, hnsru, kreedz, when joined this server 1am and got banned idk this anti cheat at night starting joking but yeah, so pliz unban me, because im clear player if some one need proofs i can show cfg, full half-life folders.